The data platform for DevOps, ITOps & SecOps

Unify data from logs, metrics, databases, applications, infrastructure, and APIs on LOGIQ – the only real-time monitoring & analytics platform that lets you perform Log Management, APM, SIEM, AIOps, and Infrastructure & Event Monitoring through a single interface. 

Operational Insights

Analyze operational metrics across applications and infrastructure and gain actionable insights that help you scale with confidence while maintaining high availability.

Business Insights

Fuel business decisions and better user experiences by collecting, transforming, and analyzing behavioral data and usage patterns from business systems.

Security Insights

Don't let new attack techniques catch you off guard. Detect and analyze threat patterns from multiple sources and automate threat prevention and remediation.

A single platform for all your observability needs

Dive deep into the unknowns of your entire technology stack in one platform.

Log Management

Stream and analyze logs across your applications and infrastructure in real-time, generate quick and insightful visualizations from log data, and troubleshoot issues with AI and ML-driven analytics at any scale.

API Observability

Analyze all your APIs, identify patterns and behavior that help you troubleshoot issues, prevent threats preemptively, understand API usage, and confidently ship great APIs.

App & Infra Monitoring

LOGIQ’s Prometheus-backed, monitoring engine generates insightful metrics that let you monitor the health and performance of all your applications and infrastructure and troubleshoot anomalies at scale.

Integrated SIEM & SOAR

Leverage LOGIQ’s built-in SIEM rules engine to detect anomalous security events in real-time and at an infinite scale. Sample security events in log data against crowdsourced security rules from the Sigma project for faster threat detection.

Getting everything you need out of your data shouldn't be expensive

LOGIQ helps you reduce your TCO for log management, observability, and monitoring exponentially!

Ingest logs from anywhere. Monitor your entire stack.

Easily integrate LOGIQ with all the links in your existing toolchain and embed it within your existing workflows.