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Observability for

LOGIQ enables you to harness the power of machine data analytics for applications and infrastructure by unifying data types like logs, metrics, databases, and APIs on a single platform with 1-click simplicity.

Enterprise-class Observability Platform


Infinite Scale

Ingest logs on any S3 compatible storage. Eliminate storage operations cost & scale infinitely

Monitor real-time

Real-time monitoring of Servers, VMs, Containers, Kubernetes and more

20+ Data Sources

Connect 20+ additional data sources for a complete view of your IT infrastructure 

Monitoring Platform

Logiq’s Monitoring platform is powered by Prometheus metrics collector

App Performance

Insights into application performance for more than 100 popular applications

Events & Alerts

Alerts and notifications for real-time insights into critical issues

Predictable cost of ownership

10X cost reduction in scale deployments.

Our patent-pending approach to using S3 as the primary storage layer that enables you to run scale logging & observability infrastructure with “Zero” storage operations overhead. You get better control and ownership over your data, and reduced data transfer costs in public cloud environments. LOGIQ is licensed as a software subscription and we do not meter by the GB or the number of data generation endpoints.

All you need to get started is your S3 compatible bucket and credentials

Ingest logs from VM’s, Containers, K8S, or Serverless applications

Query, visualize and alert on metrics from multiple data sources 

With an elegant UI, features like SAML, seamlessly integrate into your enterprise workflows


Eliminate complexity and run anywhere

LOGIQ supports multiple log agents and standardized protocols. Save time and money by leveraging your existing investments.

From traditional deployments to virtualized environments and now containerized and serverless paradigms, LOGIQ supports it all

LOGIQ runs on any cloud, public or private

LOGIQ does not require proprietary agents. It supports many free and open source agents along with logging drivers on platforms like Docker and ECS

LOGIQ writes data to S3 or S3 compatible storage in an open format, allowing further processing of data using popular ETL engines

observability for kubernetes

Deploy on Kubernetes using HELM 3

LOGIQ is packaged as a simple self-service HELM chart. Using HELM, LOGIQ can be deployed in any Kubernetes cluster in 5 minutes. Yes, that’s right just 5 minutes! Don’t believe it? Check out the video!

LOGIQ’s Prometheus connector pulls logs from Kubernetes software componentss, nodes and user applications for complete monitoring of your Kubernetes environment

LOGIQ can connect to multiple Prometheus instances simultaneously making it simple to manage multiple clusters on one place. Logs from multiple clusters can be aggregated to the same LOGIQ instance too!

Reliability is a must when delivering logs over the internet, WAN’s etc. LOGIQ supports both RELP ( RSyslog ) and MQTT transports for acknowledgement based guarantees

Aggregate logs from popular IaaS platforms like Kuberntes and Openstack

real time infrastructure monitoring

Monitor your infrastructure and applications

LOGIQ comes with integrated monitoring for your infrastructure and apps powered by Prometheus, the popular open source monitoring solution. You can use LOGIQ’s Prometheus connector to existing Prometheus setups as well. Not only that, LOGIQ supports additional connectors to databases such as Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, MongoDB etc.

Use queries built on metric names, label filters, operators and functions that are fully. compatible with PromQL

Connect to additional Prometheus instances using our prometheus connector.

Restrict access to your Prometheus data sources by groups that can be mapped to SAML groups

visual dashboards

Variety of visualizations

Make use of a variety of charts, visuals, and faceted search views to create insightful reports and dashboards. More new types are frequently getting added too.

Build your own dashboards with a clear visibility into your infrastructure

Share your dashboards on a URL or embed query visualization widgets anywhere you want

Create charts such as bar, pie, line; Faceted search views for quickly getting to data that matters

We’ve chosen LOGIQ as our native cloud observability, SIEM/SOAR solution because of its ability to visualize the “needle in a haystack” data. In our case, we found a number of misconfigurations and anomalistic patterns in services in minutes, which could have lingered for months or years. Combined with CHAaSM AI and Falco, LOGIQ gives our hardened cloud platform real-time security visibility and monitoring no other solution can.

Simon Mijolovic

Founder & CTO, CHaSM

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