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Delivering Always-on Applications and Infrastructure at Scale

Real-time log monitoring & analysis for any S3 compatible object-store.

LOGIQ enables you to harness the power of machine data analytics for applications and infrastructure by unifying data types like logs, metrics, databases, and APIs on a single platform with 1-click simplicity.

Operational Insights

Analyze operational metrics about your IT infrastructure that might cause service outages, both on‑premises and in multi‑cloud environments.

Business Insights

LOGIQ helps you collect, transform and, present data to help decision-makers understand customer behavior and drive unparalleled business growth.

Security Insights

Stay ahead of new attack techniques and automate threat prevention. Aggregate, correlate, and analyze threat from multiple sources in real-time.

Eliminate Cost Per GB And Retention Limits

More insights.

More affordable. 

Less hassle.