ITOps DevOps SecOps AIOps XOps Data pipeline control

ITOps DevOps SecOps AIOps XOps Data pipeline control

LOGIQ.AI’s LogFlow provides centralized control of your observability data pipelines. As data streams arrive, they are automatically organized and optimized for your business teams and knowledge workers.

XOps teams can centralize data flow management, gain data EPS control, and increase data quality and relevance. Built on any object store, LogFlow’s InstaStore enables infinite data retention and on-demand data replay to any target observability platform of your choice.

Companies of all sizes around the world use LOGIQ

Weeks to minutes

Reduction in security analysis reporting time

2-5x faster

Faster, easy and holistical data visualization

Products used

Chaasm, powered by LOGIQ, a Maestro platform, is a vendor agnostic software factory that manages source code, system dependencies, and automates configuration management

Operational Insights

Analyze operational metrics across applications and infrastructure and gain actionable insights that help you scale with confidence while maintaining high availability.

Business Insights

Fuel business decisions and better user experiences by collecting, transforming, and analyzing behavioral data and usage patterns from business systems.

Security Insights

Don’t let new attack techniques catch you off guard. Detect and analyze threat patterns from multiple sources and automate threat prevention and remediation.

CENTRALIZED CONTROL with broad support for platforms, applications, and operating systems


AWS CloudWatch

Azure Event Hubs



Amazon Web Services


Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Realize benefits from LogFlow without replacing your current solution!

Intelligently reduce EPS for significantly lower TCO
Supercharge Retention and Analytics for better security and compliance
Take full control of your data/log pipeline
Future-proof your Observability/SIEM infrastructure
Group 434

Avoid any vendor lock-in

Centralized control for all your observability data

Applications, Devices, Networks, Operating Systems, IoT Sensors, Web traffic and more

Log Management

Stream and analyze logs across your applications and infrastructure in real-time, generate quick and insightful visualizations from log data, and troubleshoot issues with AI and ML-driven analytics at any scale.

API Observability

Analyze all your APIs, identify patterns and behavior that help you troubleshoot issues, prevent threats preemptively, understand API usage, and confidently ship great APIs.

App & Infra Monitoring

LOGIQ’s Prometheus-backed, monitoring engine generates insightful metrics that let you monitor the health and performance of all your applications and infrastructure and troubleshoot anomalies at scale.

Integrated SIEM & SOAR

Leverage LOGIQ’s built-in SIEM rules engine to detect anomalous security events in real-time and at an infinite scale. Sample security events in log data against crowdsourced security rules from the Sigma project for faster threat detection.

Gain data and EPS control, Improve Data Quality

Instantly reduce TCO 50-95% on any observability platform


Use LogFlow to collect data from any type of log or API and replay your logs to your analytics tools for later investigations.


Shape, analyze, and visualize all of your data. LogFlow helps you process and organize your log files into logs and metrics


Shape, analyze, and visualize all of your data. LogFlow helps you process and organize your log files into logs and metrics

Ready to get started?

Getting everything you need out of your data shouldn’t be expensive, LOGIQ helps you reduce your TCO for log management, observability, and monitoring exponentially!

Ingest logs from anywhere

Monitor your entire stack & Easily integrate LOGIQ with all the links in your existing toolchain and embed it within your existing workflows.

Always know what you pay

Integrated per transaction
pricing with no hidden fees
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