SMARTER Log Analytics

Stream logs to your S3 bucket #NoStorageMgmtTax
  • Ingest data from your VM's, containers, serverless applications and Kubernetes (K8S) environments
  • No migration headaches, use RSYSLOG, Syslog, Syslog-ng, Logstash, Fluentd, Fluent-bit and Docker, ECS logging drivers
  • Extract real-time events, index data for search, do stream processing and run ad-hoc SQL queries
  • UI for search, visualization and reporting​
  • Predictable pricing, not by bytes

Bring your own bucket

All you need to get started is your S3 compatible bucket and credentials


Eliminate Complexity

Simplifify your data pipeline, eliminate redundant data copies, and costly storage management



Simplify your workflows with an agentless solution. Works on all modern operating systems including Kubernetes


Real-time events

Machine intelligence combined with user defined rules means less noise. No need to search, just know what's relevant


Integrated UI

With an elegant user interface and enterprise features like SAML, see your ingested data in minutes while seamlessly integrating into your enterprise workflows


Data isolation

Improve security and compliance with our flexible approach to mapping data into different S3 buckets. A single LOGIQ instance can stream data into multiple buckets.


Multi-cloud ready

LOGIQ runs on Docker, Kubernetes, VM's and deploys everywhere.


Integrate your favorite tool

Analyze ingested data with popular ETL tools - Athena, Presto, Druid, Ignite, Snowflake or Tableau.

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Eliminate cost per GB and retention limits

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