Manage everything through an integrated UI

LOGIQ comes with its own integrated user interface. Use our simple UI to perform common operations such as querying for logs, created ad-hoc SQL queries for reporting, creating custom dashboards and viewing events and alerts.

Our configuration tools also allow you to create groups, add users, configure single-sign on using SAML, configure alerts and alert destinations.

  • Faceted search

    Powered by the open source Elastic search UI libraries, search for your ingested data with a familiar user interface

  • Hybrid client, server search implementation

    Our hybrid implementation combines the power of server and client side filtering for optimal results

  • Create reports

    Build your own dashboards with a clear visibility into your infrastructure

  • Share and embed

    Share your dashboards on a URL or embed query visualization widgets anywhere you want

  • Flexible options for visualizations

    Create charts such as bar, pie, line; Faceted search views for quickly getting to data that matters

  • Query editor

    Build ad-hoc queries using SQL on your log data

  • Add visualizations

    Create one or more visualizations on the queried data and embed them in dashboards

  • Powerful eventing

    Bubble up critical insights with eventing. No need to search, just know what is relevant

  • Custom rules

    Capture behavior using custom rules that can automatically trigger events relevant to your environment. Learn more

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