From multiple data sources

Connect additional data sources like MongoDB, Elasticsearch etc. for a complete view of your IT infrastructure and applications. Over 20+ popular data-sources supported.

  • Eliminate complexity and run anywhere

    LOGIQ supports multiple log agents and standardized protocols. Save time and money by leveraging your existing investments.

    From traditional deployments to virtualized environments and now containerized and serverless paradigms, LOGIQ supports it all

  • Multi-cloud ready

    LOGIQ runs on any cloud, public or private

  • Works with any S3 compatible storage

    Reach limitless scaling of your storage backed using any S3 compatible storage layer. LOGIQ can manage one or more buckets in your S3 compatible store. Incoming data is partitioned and written as objects

  • Agentless

    LOGIQ does not require proprietary agents. It supports many free and open source agents along with logging drivers on platforms like Docker and ECS

  • Support for reliable transports

    Reliability is a must when delivering logs over the internet, WAN's etc. LOGIQ supports both RELP ( RSyslog ) and MQTT transports for acknowledgement based guarantees

  • Ingest from all popular operating systems

    You can connect your favorite operating system to LOGIQ using syslog and/or rsyslog protocol

  • Get insights from your IaaS infrastructure

    Aggregate logs from popular IaaS platforms like Kuberntes and Openstack

  • Open data format

    LOGIQ writes data to S3 or S3 compatible storage in an open format, allowing further processing of data using popular ETL engines

  • Support for popular ETL engines

    Use an ETL engine like Spark+Ignite or AWS Athena to scan LOGIQ ingest data. ETL engines compatible with S3 and JSON/CSV will work with LOGIQ

Eliminate Cost Per GB And Retention Limits

More insights.

More affordable.

Less hassle.