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Deploy LOGIQ on any Kubernetes using HELM 3

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management. LOGIQ is packaged as a simple self-service HELM chart. Using HELM, LOGIQ can be deployed in any Kubernetes cluster in 5 minutes. Yes, that’s right just 5 minutes!

$ helm repo add logiq-repo https://logiqai.github.io/helm-charts
$ helm install logiq --namespace logiq --set global.domain=logiq.my-domain.com logiq-repo/logiq

Observability for K8S.

  • Multi-cloud ready: #BYOK

    Bring your own Kubernetes (#BYOK): LOGIQ can be deployed on any Kubernetes environment and runs on any cloud, public or private.

  • Works with any S3 compatible storage

    Reach limitless scaling of your storage backed using any S3 compatible storage layer. LOGIQ can manage one or more buckets in your S3 compatible store. Incoming data is partitioned and written as objects

  • Complete Kubernetes observability

    LOGIQ's Prometheus connector pulls logs from Kubernetes software componentss, nodes and user applications for complete monitoring of your Kubernetes environment

  • Manage multiple clusters

    LOGIQ can connect to multiple Prometheus instances simultaneously making it simple to manage multiple clusters on one place. Logs from multiple clusters can be aggregated to the same LOGIQ instance too!

  • Agentless

    LOGIQ does not require proprietary agents. It supports many free and open source agents along with logging drivers on platforms like Docker and ECS

  • Support for reliable transports

    Reliability is a must when delivering logs over the internet, WAN's etc. LOGIQ supports both RELP ( RSyslog ) and MQTT transports for acknowledgement based guarantees

  • Ingest from all popular operating systems

    Connect your operating system to LOGIQ. and gather metrics, logs for complete observability

  • Get insights from your IaaS infrastructure

    Aggregate logs from popular IaaS platforms like Kuberntes and Openstack

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Home Product Integrations Observability for Kubernetes Infrastructure & Application Monitoring...

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