End-to-end Observability for Kubernetes

Monitor your entire Kubernetes ecosystem in real-time.

LOGIQ ships as a simple, self-service Helm chart that you can deploy in any Kubernetes cluster running on any cloud instantly.

					$ helm repo add logiq-repo https://logiqai.github.io/helm-charts
$ helm install logiq --namespace logiq --set global.domain=logiq.my-domain.com logiq-repo/logiq

Complete Kubernetes observability

Ingest logs and metrics from Kubernetes components, pods, nodes, and user applications and observe your entire Kubernetes ecosystem through a single interface.

Understand true component performance

Uncover how your Kubernetes components, pods, nodes, and user applications perform and behave. Dive deep and compare infrastructure metrics with incredible granularity. Use powerful group-by expressions to categorize and analyze application and infrastructure metrics.

Visualize your Prometheus metrics

Leverage metrics generated by your existing Prometheus instance to query, analyze, and visualize them on LOGIQ. Extend PromQL’s current querying capabilities to add custom parameters to simplify data sampling and extraction further.

Protect your cluster from threats

Leverage built-in SIEM to sample Kubernetes logs against crowdsourced security rules to augment log data with security events in real-time. Set up alerts on event occurrences and transfer alerts to your existing alert mechanisms.

Limitless log data storage

Leverage your existing S3-compatible storage layers with LOGIQ and get complete control over log data retention periods. LOGIQ partitions incoming log data and writes them as objects in your S3 storage.

More insights. More affordable.
Less hassle.