Log Management & Analytics

Collect, index, and make all your IT resource and application logs searchable

  • Log2Metrics

    Visualize complex log data by deriving and plotting time-series metrics with a single click.

  • More context, less noise

    Add more context to your logs by defining named capture groups, visualizing them, and aggregating queries.

  • RBAC & SSO integration

    Empower administrators with potent controls to restrict access to log data to users and groups defined within your existing SAML or SSO provider.

  • Always be in the know

    Never miss an important event. Route all of your events or cherry-picked event groups to a rich set of destinations including, E-Mail, Slack, OpsGenie, and PagerDuty.

Eliminate Cost Per GB And Retention Limits

More insights.

More affordable.

Less hassle.