Log Management & Analytics

Collect, index, and make all your IT resource and application logs searchable More insights. More affordable. Less hassle.

Support for popular agents, and protocols

Companies of all sizes around the world use LOGIQ

Weeks to minutes

Reduction in security analysis reporting time

2-5x faster

Faster, easy and holistical data visualization

Products used

Chaasm, powered by LOGIQ, a Maestro platform, is a vendor agnostic software factory that manages all of your source code, system dependencies, automates configuration management


Visualize complex log data by deriving and plotting time-series metrics with a single click.

More context, less noise

Add more context to your logs by defining regex matches, named capture groups for aggregates, and visualizing them in real-time.

RBAC & SSO integration

Empower administrators with potent controls to restrict access to log data to users and groups defined within your existing SAML or SSO provider.

Always be in the know

Never miss an important event. Route all of your events or cherry-picked event groups to a rich set of destinations including, E-Mail, Slack, OpsGenie, and PagerDuty.