LOGIQ command line for power users

LOGIQ comes with logiqctl, a command-line tool that lets you interact with the platform without logging into the UI.

  • Stream logs in real-time

    Stream and view log data in your terminal as they are ingested into the LOGIQ Observability platform

  • Comprehensive querying

    Query historical log data for your applications. You can also interactively search and view logs across all your applications and namespaces.

  • Search through your log data

    Search for keywords within your log data across namespaces to identify important patterns and messages

  • View and create event rules

    View event rules configured for a specific namespace or across your LOGIQ stack. You can also create new event rules for namespaces right from your terminal.

  • Create and manage dashboards

    Export dashboards created on LOGIQ and apply them across your clusters. You can also apply crowd-sourced dashboards across clusters using logiqctl.

  • View all your resources

    Query and view all your resources on LOGIQ such as applications, dashboards, namespaces, processes, and queries.

  • View all events

    Query and view events across your LOGIQ stack. You can also filter and view events by application, right from your terminal.

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