Real-Time Monitoring

Gain from exhaustive and all-inclusive real-time monitoring for all your applications and infrastructure.

  • Powerful Querying

    Uncover fine-grained data and metrics from logs using queries built with metrics, label filters, operators, custom parameters, and PromQL-compatible functions.

  • Fortify Data and Data Sources

    Secure and govern access to your data and data sources using your existing identity and authentication groups and rules.

  • Monitoring dashboards

    See everything across your applications and infrastructure through full-customizable and flexible dashboards that are updated in real-time.

  • Share and embed

    Share your monitoring dashboards with read-only access using shareable URLs. Embed existing query visualization widgets anywhere you please.

  • Choose Your Visualization

    Unleash your creativity while visualizing your data. Choose from a wide variety of charts, graphs, and faceted search views that best bring out the insights in your data.

  • Simplified alerting

    Create alerts directly from PromQL query results without depending on alertmanager. Send alerts to multiple destinations, including E-Mail, custom alert endpoints, PagerDuty, Slack, and OpsGenie.

  • Additional data sourcess

    Plug in all your data sources across all your applications and infrastructure into a single platform using a combination of built-in connectors and your existing aggregators and forwarders.

  • Hybrid data source visualizations

    Visualize data from multiple data sources into the same dashboard and create holistic, interoperable, co-related views of your data for faster insights.

Eliminate Cost Per GB And Retention Limits

More insights.

More affordable.

Less hassle.