Real-Time Monitoring

For IT infrastructure and applications

LOGIQ comes with integrated monitoring powered by Prometheus, the popular open source monitoring solution. You can use LOGIQ's Prometheus connector to existing prometheus setups as well. Not only that, LOGIQ supports additional connectors to databases such as Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, MongoDB etc.

  • Prometheus Query Language

    Use queries built on metric names, label filters, operators and functions that are fully. compatible with PromQL

  • Prometheus connector

    Connect to additional Prometheus instances using our prometheus connector.

  • Role based access control

    Restrict access to your Prometheus data sources by groups that can be mapped to SAML groups

  • Monitoring dashboards

    Build your own dashboards with a clear visibility into your infrastructure

  • Share and embed

    Share your dashboards on a URL or embed query visualization widgets anywhere you want

  • Flexible options for visualizations

    Create charts such as bar, pie, line; Faceted search views for quickly getting to data that matters

  • Simplified alerting

    Create alerts from PromQL query results. Alertmanager is not required

  • Multiple notifications for alerts

    Send alert notifications using a rich set of options including E-mail, Webhooks, PagerDuty etc.

  • Additional data sourcess

    Build your own dashboards with a clear visibility into your infrastructure

  • Hybrid data source visualizations

    Combine charts from multiple data sources into the same dashboard and create wholistic, co-related views of your data for faster insights

  • Grafana Supported

    Use existing Grafana dashboards with LOGIQ and leverage the extra monitoring, security, and scale we provide.

Eliminate Cost Per GB And Retention Limits

More insights.

More affordable.

Less hassle.