Kubernetes Best Practices

Blueprint For Building Successful Applications on Kubernetes

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42 pages full of insights

Build applications in K8S

Set up and develop applications in Kubernetes. Run machine learning workloads in Kubernetes.

Learn patterns

Learn patterns for monitoring, securing your systems, and managing upgrades, rollouts, and rollbacks.

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Integration with legacy system

Integrate services and legacy applications and develop higher-level platforms on top of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Networking

Understand Kubernetes networking policies and where service mesh fits in.

About the book

This new book from O’Reilly guides you through the process of building applications with Kubernetes. The methods included captures the experiences of a number of successful production deployments and are backed by concrete code examples. This book is for those already familiar with basic Kubernetes concepts who want to learn common best practices.

About authors

This book is authored by an illustrious group of experts from the Kubernetes community. Brendan Burns is cofounder of the Kubernetes open source project, Eddie Villalba is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft, Dave Strebel is a global architect on Microsoft Azure focused on open source projects, and Lachlan Evenson is a Kubernetes steering committee member and emeritus Kubernetes release lead.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Practical hands-on guidance by these experienced professionals will give you deep insights into the fast-moving Kubernetes ecosystem.
Bridget Kromhout
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
The reader will get invaluable insights in operating Kubernetes at different scales, topologies, domains, and use cases straight from the source.
Bilgin Ibryam
Highly recommended set of practical recipes that provide solutions to a wide variety of real-world Kubernetes challenges.
Roland Huss
Principal software engineer at redhat

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