Built-in SIEM and SOAR

Real-time augmentation of logs and metrics with detected security events

  • Automate SecOps

    Build custom queries and set custom alerts and triggers to automate pattern identification and matching threat intel to logs, triage and trigger alerts to your alert destinations, and kick-off remediation and security workflows.

  • Crowdsourced SIEM Rules with Sigma

    ‣Provide Sigma signatures for malicious behavior in your own application
    ‣Write your SIEM searches in Sigma to avoid a vendor lock-in
    ‣ Describe your detection method in Sigma to make it shareable

  • SOAR-ready webhooks

    Use built-in webhooks to connect with your existing SecOps tools to trigger remediation workflows on threat detection. Extend LOGIQ's alerting capabilities using webhooks to send notifications via your existing alert channels.

  • Built for scale

    LOGIQ's cloud-native architecture provides seamless scalability to cope with the accumulation and analysis of logs from all your application and infrastructure data sources during periods of high ingestion and usage.

Eliminate Cost Per GB And Retention Limits

More insights.

More affordable.

Less hassle.