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The race to “zero” is on

Object storage does away with the tree-like hierarchical file system of NAS and replaces it with a flat structure in which all objects have a unique identifier, with rich metadata that allows indexing, search, and analytics.   Object-based storage is becoming the de-facto data at rest option for unstructured data.

Log Analytics finally got wings!

Log Analytics got wings with S3 Twitter Linkedin-in Youtube By LOGIQ team Right, a few months back, few of us came together with one mission: To give log analytics its much-desired wings. BTW It’s not just AWS S3; you can use any S3 compatible store. Logging is cumbersome, so we

LOGIQ.ai is officially GA

LOGIQ officially is now GA, See our press release – https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/logiq-log-insights-the-only-s3-powered-log-aggregation-and-analysis-solution-301002188.html A great milestone for the team. Stay tuned for more updates. Twitter Youtube Linkedin

LOGIQ is now a CNCF member

The LOGIQ team is super excited to join CNCF. The Cloud-native computing foundation is a great community of cloud builders and projects that is shaping how the enterprise cloud of the future looks like.

Eliminate Cost Per GB And Retention Limits

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